Bed-watch Support

A Bed-watch Support Worker is a person who is trained to manage challenging behavior in a clinical setting where the risk assessments indicate the likely need for interventions and they are active in being a Support Team Member in Hospital. They are there to help implement a safe and secure environment giving peace of mind to NHS staff and visitors.

They must have a caring and empathetic personality and contribute towards creating a secure environment. They are assigned to the patient and are there to protect them from self-harm, protect hospital staff, other patients, visitors, and protect hospital property.  On occasion they will be required to assist medical staff with transferring a patient to another location.

Bed-watch workers are implemented when a patient has a history of mental health issues such as problems relating to these conditions; dementia, Alzheimer’s, is schizophrenic, absconds, is violent or abusive, had a brain injury, has an eating disorder or is suicidal etc.