Intervention Teams

An intervention team is a 24 hour stand-by service based on site that responds to any situation that involves behavioral Health Patients – Vulnerable People at Risk

Caring for patients who have behavioural issues is complicated. Very often environmental stress, emotional distress and the fact that they may be in pain, can exacerbate behavioural and psychological symptoms as an expression of their unmet needs. This can be in addition to other existing mental health problems.

Examples of adults at risk include those with ongoing mental health concerns, dementia, learning disability, Delirium, Substance Misuse problems and others who need a high level of support. Patients may also feel very vulnerable due to emotional trauma, low self-esteem and social isolation.  Clinical staff need to be prepared to manage any of these very difficult situations.


De-escalation - Safety vs. Security

The ideal solution is to ‘de-escalate’ the patient’s symptoms so that they are better able to exhibit self-control.

Joint formulation of planned intervention, with the Multidisciplinary Team working in unison will result in the safest and best care for the patient. This is where preparation is critical, and having an Intervention Team on site who can respond to a need for Intervention is BEING PREPARED and should be a proactive measure taken to address some key areas of concern.

Nise SecureCare believe that investment in the time taken to assess and interact, engage and evaluate the patient’s responses will result in greater safety for all and we can provide an Intervention Response Team on site working in conjunction with senior clinicians. This is expected to be reduce staff assaults, reduce expenditure on close observation agency staff and reduced conflict arising from Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms in clinical areas.